200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Advanced Studies & Foundational Teacher Program 2019-2020

Yoga Community Teacher Training Program (YC TTP) invites you to delve into a deep study of the Eight-Fold Path of Raja Yoga and, in doing so, to uncover your truest self. 

Over the course of nine months, you will grow as a yoga student and teacher; our staff of Experienced-Registered Yoga Teachers (E-RYTs) and special guest Master Teachers will guide you as you discover your  inner wisdom. The program invites yoga students of all abilities to take their practice to the next level and provides a unique opportunity to everyone from committed beginners to working yoga teachers to ground themselves, their lifestyle and their practice in the principles of yoga. 

Our unique combination of self-study, readings, journaling, group discussions, asana practice and observation, and meditation instruction and practice is steeped in yogic philosophy and ethics. When you graduate from the YC TTP, not only will you be a Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher, you will find yourself more confident, empowered and at ease. 

Come take this journey with us! 

Nine Weekend Immersions
Fridays 6-9pm ~ Saturday & Sunday 9am-6pm

We will start this weekend with introductions and an overview of what’s to come.   This weekend We will explore the history of yoga and its philosophies, and a review of the major texts and scriptures and how to apply them to your practice.  We will have an overview of the principles behind Raja Yoga and Tantra.  You can expect a brief intro to Yoga Sutra as it defines Raja Yoga and Tantra, Meditation—awareness of inner teacher and you will receive your own mantra and beads for meditation practice.  You will take away from this weekend a home practice of asana and mediation.  

While there is more to yoga than Asana, for many yoga yoga students asana is their entry into the practice, and remains the cornerstone of their experience with Yoga.  Gain an understanding of the body and how we use poses in yoga to explore the body’s capacity for movement.  Explore the key postures of yoga in all categories for deeper understanding and execution.  In this workshop environment we are able to break down poses and understand “what is really happening”, which can be applied both to your own practice as well as in teaching others.

OCTOBER 18-20:  ANATOMY FOR YOGIS with Dr. Carl Speizer, MD
I welcome you to a weekend exploring the Anatomy of Yoga. In this course, together, we will investigate the meaning and purpose of Yoga as it relates to the body, mind and beyond. We will study the human muscular-skeletal, cognitive and neurologic anatomy as it relates to a Yoga practice. The course culminates in a participatory asana dissection lab analyzing the muscular action of several postures. A syllabus and a suggested reading list will be provided to participants in advance of the course weekend. 

NOVEMBER 15-17:  SUBTLE BODY ANATOMY with Barbra Brady
Explore the anatomy within anatomy, that of the "subtle," or energetic body.  Studies and practices will include prana, pranayama, Ayurveda, the koshas (layers of the body), prana vayus, yogic meridians (nadis and chakras), bandhas, mudras, and gunas.  We will also do some practice teaching.

DECEMBER 13-15:  THE ART OF SEQUENCING YOGA CLASSES with Lisa Willett and Barbra Brady
This weekend we will look at The Vinyasa Krama (intelligent sequencing) of planning and practicing yoga, pranayama, and meditation according to the Raja and Tantra Yoga traditions.  We will go over safety, ethics, and purpose in hands-on and verbal adjustments.  We will also do some practice teaching.

JANUARY 10-12:  YIN YOGA & PSYCHOLOGY OF YOGA with Helaine Sheias, PhD
The Yoga Sutras teach us that 'ease' is a state of mind, not a state of body, and that any disturbance of our bodily structure or alignment is reflected as a deficiency or lack of 'ease' in our mind. In this way, we begin to approach Yoga as a science of consciousness.  

Ancient Yogic literature held that dis-ease germinated in the mind, eventually manifesting into somatic symptoms in our body. Today, psychological research believes dis-ease originates from mental stress causing imbalance in the neuropsychological and endocrine systems. An unhealthy mind-body disconnect can often produce an array of psycho-somatic symptoms. Yoga psychology sees the cultivation of a mindful yoga practice as the path to learning how to approach our imbalances with psycho-somatic-spiritual remedies. This mindful path of Yoga psychology leads us to the evolution of our mind and helps us promote an overall sense of presence and well being.

This weekend training will include an overview of Yin Yoga : A look at a series of yogic practices which cultivate a deep sense of awareness & equanimity that I have developed of the years as a yoga practitioner. This is an invitation to engage in a diversity of experiential learnings that aim to bring about a more profound sense of aliveness, awareness and awakening within ourselves as the means to be in relationship with others as Yogis on a spiritual path. 

Creating a yogic tapestry of mindfulness, compassion, and heart - felt understanding allows us to awaken a renewed sense of self-connectedness. In this training - through asana, pranayama, self-inquiry, experiential learning and group discussion we will encounter the uniqueness of the Subtle Bodies' (physical, energetic, mental and emotional dimensions of ourselves) capacity to create change and transformation, that lead to a more meaningful sense of well being..

FEBRUARY 7-9:  THE INNER PRACTICES OF YOGA with Michele Hébert and Mehrad Nazari


APRIL 17-19:  PRACTICUM & FINAL ASSESSMENT with Barbra Brady & Lisa Willett


Full Program Cost (including retreat fees): $2995
Early Bird Cost (paid IN FULL by July 30, 2019):  $2795

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Monthly payment options are available.  Full or partial scholarships may be available, based on need.

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Program Leaders:
Lisa Murray, Owner
Barbra Brady, M.A., E-RYT, Education Director

Testimony from Jenny Hughes
If your goal is to deepen your practice, you’ll learn more than you ever imagined. My expectations were exceeded in so many ways. Simply put, the program helped me gain a greater appreciation of the many ways that yoga can benefit your life - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It has changed my way of living and being in the world - in short, I feel more authentic and more accountable and realize that a yoga “practice” not only takes place on the yoga mat, but in life.  If you plan to teach, you will learn everything involved in being a teacher. You’ll have an incredible “tool kit” of material to draw upon and a community of outstanding teachers to support you as you continue your yoga teaching journey. Whether you are drawn you to this program to prepare to be a certified instructor or to take that deeper dive into learning more about this ancient practice and how it can benefit your life, the program at Yoga Community can meet your needs. Along the way, you will develop wonderful relationships with your fellow yogi classmates and program teachers. Above all, you will find your life transformed in meaningful and unexpected ways! Trust yourself and your intuition that has led you to explore this training program. Follow your heart and you’ll find this program will be a life changer! Namaste. Jenny Hughes Barbra_Brady_Head_Shot_1.jpg

Barbra Brady, M.A., E-RYT 500E-RYT 500, ParaYoga Level II Certified Teacher, Director of Education

Barbra has been teaching since 2000, and is a Level 2 ParaYoga Certified Teacher. She has studied with ParaYoga® founder Rod Stryker since 2004. With a lifelong thirst for pursuing her passions, she also holds “diplomas” from Yoga Alliance (500 Hour, E- RYT); iRest Yoga Nidra Level 1 Practitioner training; Advanced Teacher Certification with Erich Schiffmann; and 42 hour immersions with both Jivamukti co-founder David Life, and Shiva Rea. She is also has an MA in Liberal Studies and is the Contributing Art Editor of Yes, Barbra has a vast curiosity about yoga, and life!

Lisa Willett owns Yoga Community, and has been teaching Raja Yoga, meditation, Yin Yoga and the inner practices of yoga professionally for thirteen years.  She is a certified teacher in the Walt Baptiste Method of Raja Yoga, Sherri Baptiste's Power of Yoga Teacher Training Program, and The Himalayan Yoga Tradition Teacher Training Program.  She has studied yoga, meditation and yoga philosophy extensively with Dr. Mehrad Nazari, Michele Hébert, Swami Veda Bharati of India, Swami Nityamuktananda Saraswati of Italy and Sherri Baptiste-Freeman and Salvatore Zambito. Lisa is an avid student of all things neuroscience, and often ties her Classical Yoga training together with modern science in classes carefully crafted to leave people feeling strong, grounded, balanced, relaxed and more joyful. She has taught a wide range of students from ages 5 to 102, and specializes in the importance of breath work as the foundation of a strong yoga practice and a more balanced life. Her passion for sharing yoga as a lifestyle is evident in her classes and teaching style.