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Carl Speizer
Carl Speizer Summary: Yoga Therapy is the adaptation of yoga practices for individuals with a variety of medical conditions.
with Carl Speizer MD!

Yoga Therapy is the adaptation of yoga practices for individuals with a variety of medical conditions. In Yoga Therapy a prescription for specific regimens of postures, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques is applied to suit individual needs. Medical research shows that Yoga Therapy can be an effective complementary therapy helping to alleviate such conditions as anxiety, stress, muscular-skeletal disorders, fatigue, and acute or chronic pain. The use of Yoga Therapy is restorative in many instances, and palliative in others. The foundation of its therapeutic effects is the understanding of the human being as an integrated body-mind system, which can function optimally only when there is a state of dynamic balance!!
Dr. Speizer has been a member of the medical staff at Queen of the Valley Medical Center since 1991 and Sonoma Valley Hospital since 2013. He currently serves as medical director of employee health at Queen of the Valley and has a private practice in Napa focusing on musculoskeletal disorders. He began practicing yoga in the mid 1990’s and has studied with Margit Jacobs, Thomas Fortel, Harvey Deutch, Saul David Ray, Tracy Rich, Ganga White, Janice Gates and Ann Cushman. Dr. Speizer received his yoga instructor certificate in 2009 from the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara. In 2014 he began a year-long study program Mindfulness Yoga and Meditation sponsored by Spirit RockMeditation Center. He teaches yoga classes, conducts workshops, lectures on yoga as therapy, and provides individual yoga therapy for patients with acute and chronic medical.