"Yoga Community is exactly what it says it is--a community of people who will take you in.  And when they take you in, they teach you and grow with you, no matter what your (ever-changing) experience of yoga is. 

Maybe you're just starting yoga, but feel like you might be "bad" at it, because you're not very flexible or strong.  Or maybe your cousin's ex-boyfriend's brother used to do yoga, and you've always been looking for the right time and place to start. Perhaps you use yoga as physical therapy to iron out the aches and twangs of pain in your back or neck. Or yoga for you means a lean and muscular body. 

....Or perhaps your experience of yoga has helped you find and define the boundaries, joys, and growth of your own body. And you're beginning to experience that yoga means union.

Yoga means a lot to different people, and you will find all of it at Yoga Community.  With about 33 classes per week and workshops on top of that, there's a class for every body.  Come here with an open mind, patience, and a bit of commitment. Try out different classes until you find a teacher or two you really relate to. And then go for it. The community aspect of yoga makes getting fit, and getting closer to your self, as easy as hopping in your car/bike and just getting there. Then, the yoga practice and the beautiful people do the rest."


"I would not consider myself to be a 'yoga guy.' I'm quite inflexible and to start had no idea what yoga was. However, the Yoga Community instantly made me feel at home. All of the teachers are thoughtful, approachable and most importantly kind. I can honestly say that I have not had a bad experience there. And while it's taken years, I actually feel a difference in my body and in my mental state."