Naturopathic Medicine

B-12 Shots 
with Dr. Danielle Schwaderer
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Do you ever feel fatigued, have difficulty sleeping, trouble shedding those last couple of pounds, feel like your memory is declining? If so, we have a suggestion that may put the pep back in your step! If you suffer from any of these symptoms, there is a possibility that you may have low levels of vitamin B12.  
Shots start at $30
Receive a B vitamin boost regularly
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A Holistic Approach to Healthcare
Born and raised in Sonoma Valley, Dr. Danielle, aka "TheNatureDoc," is a holistic family medicine doctor with a passion for health and natural remedies. Finding the root cause of illness is the goal of Dr. Danielle's patient interactions. She believes that one cannot properly heal and thrive until the cause of illness has been identified and obstacles to cure have been addressed. Dr. Danielle enjoys creating individualized treatments blending liquid herbal tinctures and teas, prescribing compounded pharmaceutical medicines, selecting homeopathic remedies, and using principles of anthroposophic medicine that are specific to each patient. 

Dr. Danielle earned her doctoral degree in Naturopathic Medicine from the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) in Portland, Oregon.  She graduated from NCNM with honors in research and a certificate of completion in homeopathy from the New England School of Homeopathy (NESH). While attending NCNM, Dr. Danielle completed a 9 month clinical rotation in Women’s Health, a 9 month rotation in pediatrics, and 6 month rotations in chronic care, gastroenterology, and anthroposophical medicine.  Additionally, Dr. Danielle has clinical experience in integrative cancer care with Cancer Support Sonoma, in which cancer patients have the opportunity to incorporate naturopathic medicine into their routine as they complete conventional cancer treatments.

Dr. Danielle strives to maintain a balance between evidence based medicine and eclectic herbal wisdom in her medical practice, combining the best of science and nature. Her treatment recommendations not only address physical complaints, but support mental and emotional disharmony as well. Dr. Danielle encourages her patients to discover creative outlets and live harmonious and fulfilling lives.  
Dedication and Passion in Natural Medicine
Born and raised in the fertile valley of Sonoma, California, Dr. Danielle had an innate attraction to the natural environment. An interest in health and well being developed from this attraction, giving rise to the childhood dream of becoming a doctor. Dr. Danielle enrolled in San Diego State University and completed pre-medical course work while earning a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology. She wanted to follow her grandfather's footsteps into the field of optometry, up into her very last year of undergraduate coursework.

During her time at San Diego State Dr. Danielle encountered the extraordinary field of naturopathic medicine. Working in the nutrition department at Windmill Farms, a local health food store, further exposed Dr. Danielle to the wellspring of health benefits in the naturopathic field.

Dr. Danielle is privileged to have discovered her passion and purpose in natural medicine at an early age. She is dedicated to assisting others reach their optimal level of well being, and to promoting the principles of healthy living and a lifestyle of infinite wellness within her native community. 
A Positive and Healthy Lifestyle
Dr. Danielle is very pleased to be living back in her hometown of Sonoma, to be closer to family, friends and nature. Aside from spending time with family and friends, she is an enthused heirloom vegetable gardener and enjoys working on creative projects, dancing, being in the natural environment, and traveling.