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she_loves_love_smaller.jpgn. pas·sion  (pash'en)
Defined as ardent love, boundless enthusiasm, or an abandoned display of emotion, passion is one of the universe's most precious gifts.  When we feel passion the pulse races and the heart thumps in the chest like a big bass drum.  Romantic or familial love can spark passion as well as a beloved pet, a hobby or an appreciation for something. 

In the late winter month of February, love is in the air.  It is almost as if the earth feels the promise of spring just under its surface and the anticipation of the return of color ignites a secret desire for the return of warmth.  It is no accident that we too feel this desire and heady anticipation of spring's potential.

Take time to indulge yourself in your passions, or explore new ones.  Tap into the essence of your passion, and allow yourself to bask in the internal warmth of your own potential.