P1000537_1_1_1.JPGv. shine (shahyn)
To shine is defined as giving forth or glowing with light. Every moment of every day, we radiate boundless energy, knowingly or unknowingly allowing our inner light to shine. However, it seems that when the sun shines at its brightest, we too give off an extra glow.

During this month, as you relish the sun's abundant light and warmth, bask in your own inner light. August holds what many consider to be nature's best harvest - from our farms, we collect tomatoes, eggplant, and cucumbers; with our families, we enjoy vacations and warm, starry nights; and with our friends, we cherish each other's sunny dispositions as we enjoy the sun's brightest season. In your own life, you also start to reap what you sowed back at the beginning of the year, as the year picks up steam for the last quarter.

Amidst traveling and vacations, reunions and weddings, allow your truest inner light to shine. Join in at the sun's glorious zenith, as you acknowledge your innate ability to warm those people around you.