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With the equinox upon us, change is in the air. Meaning both to transform and also to give and take reciprocally (as in to exchange), change is both a beautiful and an inevitable part of life.

On a cellular level, your body is constantly changing; in fact, cellular regeneration, in a process of unending renewal, replaces old cells with new ones, meaning that in as few as 2 days, your body grows totally "new" tissues. This changes happens without our consent or even our awareness but is an essential function of life.

Just as our bodies have to let go of the old cells to make room for the new, on a macro level, we too at times have to make room for new energy, opportunities, and thoughts. As fall approaches, we let go of the warm days of summer and make room for cooler nights and shorter days. And just as we accept the change in season, we must also accept changes both big and small in our own lives.