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Hope_1.jpgn. acceptance (ak-sep-tuhns)
Dating back to the 1590s, the word acceptance is the act of "receiving something that is offered." As we learn to accept ourselves, it is helpful to think of acceptance as receiving that which is offered: your connection to your truest Self is a gift that you are invited to relish.

In the asana practice, many yogis struggle with acceptance. This is because we are too quick to judge our outward appearance, to compare ourselves to our teachers, our peers, and people on the Internet. Our teacher instructs us to take a bind, and if we can’t, we immediately undermine our legitimacy and, perhaps more importantly, our ability.

Instead of thinking about how your fingers aren’t touching, ask yourself how much freedom already exists in your shoulder. How much space is already there? How much life? And beauty? And joy? These are the ideas on which to focus, not on the space in between the crown of your head and the floor or other imaginary finish lines. Accept and love what is.