5104454136_d46965c964_b_1.jpgn. courage (kur-ij)
In old French, the root "cour" of courage referred to one's own heart, and truly, moving through life with courage means moving from a place of heart. At the same time, to connect to your heart in this way, in essence to allow your heart to guide you, requires tremendous courage.

It is certainly much easier to deny your heart's true desires and move through life on autopilot, but doing so will also most certainly leave you feeling unfulfilled, unsettled, and perhaps unhappy. It takes courage to allow yourself to live fully as who you are, and it takes even more courage to find and follow your path.

When you come to the precipice of the unknown, where you must leave your old life as you knew it and commit to your life's calling, the feeling is unsettling. That's because to be in the present moment in this way by its nature is to not dwell on either the known of the past or an imagined future. For this reason, to be in the present moment is to accept uncertainty. However, our breath allows us to accept what is and what we want, and we must have the courage to follow our dreams, to allow our heart to guide us and, ultimately, to be happy.