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nurture_smaller.jpgv. nur•ture (nər ch ə)
Derived from the Latin "nutrire" which means to feed or cherish, nurture means to care for and encourage the growth or development of something or someone.

The heart of our rainy winter is the perfect time to turn our attention inward and take the time to nurture ourselves. During the holidays there are so many tasks to accomplish and so many activities that pull us away from our center that we may feel depleted and empty.

The inclement weather provides us with a perfect backdrop to gather ourselves up under a pile of blankets and spend a quiet day reading, listening to music or simply absorbing the sounds of the rain tapping on the window. Indulge yourself in your own ritual of nurture, or create a rite that allows you to focus your attention on your inner landscape.

Like a seed in wait under the winter earth, this is our time to incubate our intentions, and to provide the proper conditions for successful fruition.